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The Weapon

THE WEAPON, A NON-STOP, ACTION-PACKED THRILLER, is a window into the world of technology and its ability to create and destroy life. Meet Veronica Stone - technological genius and inventor of the holographic cell phone. Little does Veronica know that during the cold war a Russian scientist discovered a wasting disease that causes slow death by using the manipulation of sights and sounds. The only missing link?  The appropriate technology to weaponize the disease...
Now, years later, a nefarious Japanese businessman gets his hands on the mad scientists notes and realizes Veronica Stone's holographic cell phone is the answer. He hatches a plan, employing Veronica's invention, to create a new and virtually indestructible weapon the world has never seen.  Offering Veronica money and power, she is coerced into agreement. As Veronica becomes roped into the scheme, her world and work begin to fall apart as use of the weapon gets out of hand. Framed for the attempted murder of the President of the United states, she's on the run, trying to find a cure for the weapon she helped create. Veronica must use her intellect and private resources to end this nightmare and save the life of the president and his daughter, her sister, her lover and her company.  There's no going back now - success is her only option.
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